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Supporting your apprenticeship journey

The GROW Model

The GROW model sits at the core of our delivery model allowing learners to focus on how they can achieve individual goals set as part of their overall apprenticeship programme and identify support required. The model is a simple four-step process that supports goal-setting and adds an effective structure to coaching sessions.. The Grow Model will form the basis of each coaching session you attend over the course of your apprenticeship.

  • Goal: The goal is where you want to be. The goal should be defined in such a way that it’s clear when you have achieved it.
  • Reality: The reality is where you are currently. What are the challenges and how far are you away from your goal?
  • Obstacles and Options: There will be obstacles preventing you from getting where you want to go. If there are no obstacles, you would have aleady have reached your goal! Once the obstacles have been identified, you can explore the options to overcome them.
  • Way Forward: Once you’ve identified your options, they can be converted into action steps that will take you towards your goal.

There are also some self-reflection questions towards the end of the document that you should complete after each coaching session. This will not only further support your professional development but will also count towards your ‘off-the-job’ learning.

Whether you are looking to gain the skills and qualifications necessary for employment, or you are looking to advance your career to the next level. Estu Academy have a range of education and training solutions suited to your individual needs and aspirations.


Estu Apprenticeships offer leaders the opportunity to combine on the job training with formalised education, leading to a Nationally recognized qualifications, whilst developing industry level experience in your chosen career.

Estu specialise in working closely with green businesses across a range of sectors and industries, to support Apprentices to thrive in their roles. Offering personally tailored support throughout your educational journey, we provide dedicated assistance before, during and after your Apprenticeship, helping you develop the skills and character needed to thrive personally and professionally.

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